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The Golden Girls, My Honeymoon and Marketing

November 28, 2009. Posted by johnf

First things first, this isn’t some kind of freaky blog post. The headline doesn’t provide much reassurance, but bear with me.

My wife is a huge fan of the Golden Girls – don’t hold it against her. After we were married, we spent the first day of our honeymoon watching it rain. The only channel we could get was showing a Golden Girls marathon. I’ll never figure out how the everyday trials and triumphs of four older women have captured the populace of St. Lucia

So we watched for about two hours until the sun came out and we hit the beach. But every time I see the Golden Girls on television, I immediately snap back to that place in time. And I always find myself smiling.

See? I told you it wasn’t going to be freaky.

The goal of every marketer is having their audience associate their product or service with a positive feeling. Achieving this goal takes time, talent, money and dedication. However, the explosion of social media has helped reduce the need for money.

Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and other tools make getting your message out easy and free, but it still requires time, talent and dedication. One thing I’m learning is that it also requires a serious amount of patience and a great deal of experimentation.

As my social marketing experiment continues, I’ll be updating this blog. Hopefully, you’ll be able to benefit from my mistakes and small triumphs. If you’d like to share your success stories, the comment box below works just fine.

Now, back to tracking down Season 4 of the Golden Girls on DVD. It’s for my wife. Seriously.

Let me please introduce myself

November 12, 2009. Posted by johnf

Should a writer begin his first blog post with a stolen line from the Rolling Stones? I think that Mick and the boys will be okay with it.

I’m John Frizzera, owner of Frizzera Ink. I have been copywriting for more than 20 years and in that time I have written for websites, magazines, blogs, press releases, newspapers – the list is almost endless. In all that time I’ve learned one thing: you can always learn more.

At each stop along the way on my journey to Frizzera Ink, there has always been a teacher who has helped shape my writing. The list is long and the lessons ranged from how to properly use the words “effect” and “affect” to how to take a Zen approach before you pick up the pen.

I view this blog as a place for me to share my accumulated marketing wisdom, random ideas that pop into my head, and anything else that I think will benefit the readers.

Back to introducing myself: I am middle aged, married and have two children. I also have a dog named Lucy who is the biggest princess one could ever meet. I have lived in Baltimore my entire life – and I have no complaints. Maybe one or two about the Orioles, but that’s for another day.

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