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Football Genius

October 29, 2010. Posted by johnf

Frizzera Ink loves marketing, almost as much as we love football.

Every Sunday the television is on from morning until night – and there’s always Monday night, which has become a disappointment over the past several years.

One thing we noticed was that a popular cold remedy has become the “official” cold remedy of the NFL. After scratching our heads, we began to see the genius of this endorsement. Men never want to admit they’re sick. They don’t want to listen to any medical advice from their loved ones. It’s that macho gene.

But we’ll listen to football players.

That’s where the genius takes effect – “It’s okay to be sick, because the NFL has an official cold remedy. Give me my keys I’m headed to the store!”

If Ray Lewis can get the common cold, anyone can.

Blackberry Got it Right!

October 26, 2010. Posted by johnf

I’ve busted on BlackBerry’s commercials a few times in this blog, but last night I saw a commercial that got it right.

It follows the story of a weird looking purse (handbag?) that gains in popularity, thanks to the ability for the new BlackBerry to handle photos, information, etc. Everybody wins by selling loads of these new purses.

I’m not a fashion expert, but the thing looks like it was made out of Legos.

BlackBerry finally figured out that people use their phones for business, not telling other surfers where the waves are breaking.

Be Bold

October 1, 2010. Posted by johnf

Be bold this weekend – bold like making an onside kick to open up the second half of the Super Bowl. That’s bold.

Besides, if you’re timid and take no chances, you’ll never know what might have been. On the other hand, sometimes when you roll the dice you crap out.

If bold is too much to ask, no problem. Take one step sideways from the path you normally travel and I guarantee that you’ll see things in a totally different light. The same goes with your approach to marketing. If you continue to follow what you did in the past, you’ll get the same kind results. Not good, not bad – middle of the road – right where most of the road kill winds up.

Think about it over the weekend and when you sit down in your chair on Monday morning, wondering where the past 48 hours went, take that step to the side and open your eyes.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ve never seen before.

To borrow a quote from Goethe: “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

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