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Taylor Swift Ain’t Madonna

December 1, 2010. Posted by johnf

Satellite radio is a boon to music lovers, and the service recently added a station that plays Christmas carols – sorry, “holiday music” – all day long. Which creates some interesting selections – it takes a great many songs to fill the programming space.

Yesterday I heard “Santa Baby”, which was originally sung by Eartha Kitt. This woman owned the song – it was sung in a sweet, almost childish voice, which contrasted with the lyrics: a woman requesting extravagant things from Santa.

Around 1 o’clock I heard Madonna’s version of the song, and it wasn’t too bad. She can be innocent on one line and sexy the next – but never over the top. Quite a feat for the Material Girl.

Last night around 10 o’clock I heard Taylor Swift’s version of the song. I think her handlers made a mistake when they had her cover this tune. Santa Baby isn’t some heart wrenching, my love is gone, song – it’s supposed to be frothy and clever. Swift’s stylings¬† made it sound like Santa had stood her up for the Senior Prom.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes it’s best to leave an original idea alone – but if you want to put your own spin on it, make sure you have the right person for the job.

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