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Life Before iPad

March 19, 2011. Posted by johnf

How did anyone survive without their iPad? In the dark ages, before this tablet was unleashed on the world by Apple, we had to deal with the humble notebook computer.

When the iPad was released, it was met with the usual onslaught of praise and unnecessary hype – something Apple does incredibly well.

Most of the criticism was leveled at the price – for an extra $200 added to the asking price of an iPad, you could score a nice notebook with lots of memory, a keyboard, a camera and not be hemmed in by Apple’s quirks.

Flash forward a year later and the iPad has dominated sales, the release of PC based tablets hasn’t really made the dent everyone was predicting. (Remember the hype back in January when the electronics show was all about competing tablets?)

Now the new iPad has emerged and the world once again is saved from the brink of doom by Steve Jobs and company. This one has a camera! Hooray! Now utopia is within reach.

Seriously, what’s the appeal? Maybe because even our mothers can pick up this machine, touch a button and immediately “get it.” Have you seen children with an iPad? They take to it like celebrities to botox.

Maybe it’s the monitor or the access to the billions of apps – or that an iPad is easily transported, turns on in an instant and is ready to do whatever you want it to – except make a decent cup of coffee.

As it stands, the iPad rules the tablet world, much like it owns the MP3 player universe – the PC makers and fanboys can shake their hands and list all of the downsides to the iPad, but no one’s listening.

Been A Long Time Since We Rock & Rolled

March 8, 2011. Posted by johnf


An old adage says, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

What’s that mean? Besides the obvious – the cobbler is cheap and he’s  throwing his money away on gambling, Ponzi schemes and cheap liquor. Those cobblers, they’re a mess.

Seriously, it means  the expert in a given field, doesn’t take care of himself in his given expertise. Like an overweight doctor or a dentist with bad teeth or a cobbler with kids that don’t have shoes and are probably never going to college.

Frizzera Ink  fell victim to that same problem – we’re so busy writing words for others that we couldn’t write our own blog. That’s embarrassing, not to mention our feet are cold and dirty.

Our time away from the blog hasn’t been all sandy beaches, great surfing and lots of sun – we’ve been working hard and learning new things. For example, our computers are now 100% Mac and now we know why Apple has such loyal followers, and that some of the criticisms leveled by PC people are ludicrous.

Switching from one operating system to another is challenging, like asking a Pro Bowl tackle who’s always played on the left, to suddenly play on the right. It sounds simple, but you have to retrain your brain – and that takes time. Learning new moves and actions makes us happy – so we’d call it a win.

One of the most impressive benefits of the Apple operating system is how intuitive it is – we’ve yet to ask out loud, “Why did they put that button there instead of here?” This isn’t a PC bashing blog post, but when you’re using an Apple, part of the satisfaction comes from the idea that the company LISTENS and ACTS.

So there you have it – our triumphant return to the blog, praise for Apple, and an explanation as to why we’ll never be good cobblers. (Peach cobbler is another story, we love good peach cobbler.)

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