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Bikini Season and the $10 Thrill

May 25, 2011. Posted by johnf


There’s no secret that today’s online shopping customer expects their order to be fulfilled and delivered quickly and efficiently. After all, isn’t that what the internet was built for?

Maybe Al Gore should answer that one.

We’re big time online shoppers at Frizzera Ink. It’s a weakness.

A few weeks ago, we realized we had indulged too much over the winter  – what else can you do at night except shovel ice cream into your mouth while watching The Office? Besides, there was some kind of demon possessing the office treadmill and we couldn’t get near it to exercise. Honest.

So we logged on to Amazon, purchased this book and clicked “Ship”. Except we clicked the “Ship RIGHT NOW” button. Whoops.

Here’s the problem, the book cost us $13 and the shipping cost us $17. What could we do? An online chat with an Amazon rep informed us that the book was already out the door – damn those efficient people at Amazon!

“Sorry for that,” wrote their customer service rep. “I’ll credit you $10 on your next purchase.”

Imagine that, getting rewarded for your own mistake.

But what did that 10 bucks buy? Good will – and more importantly – this story being told in the real world and on the internet. Plus we mentioned on our Facebook page and Tweeted it.


Because it made us happy and it made us feel that we had been serviced the right way.

And it only cost Jeff Bezos 10 bucks.

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