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Customer Dis-service

September 26, 2011. Posted by johnf

We’ve noticed lately that the retail stores in our area seem to be understaffed, even during peak hours.

Is this a local effect of our roller coaster economy or are you seeing the same phenomena where you live?

Cutting back on staffing is a great way to lop numbers off the bottom line, but if the result is poor customer service, does it matter how much you save if customers never return?

Think about it!

Netflix – From Aw Shucks to Corporate Overlord

September 21, 2011. Posted by johnf

First, we’re back writing blogs.

We were rocking the summer vibe, and then got caught up with the back to school craziness.

So here we are, digesting the latest missive from Netflix. It started off as an apology, and then clumsily segued into an announcement about splitting their services.

Wow, what a mixed message. Literally.

The best thing about Netflix wasn’t just their movie selection, it was the small company feeling you got when dealing with them. Their customer service was top notch, and their business model made sense. And best of all, they weren’t Blockbuster.

This latest announcement changes everything. We realize everyone is in business to make money, but when you decide to raise your rates and fumble that announcement, you need damage control.

The backlash hasn’t been very nice either, here’s one clever explanation from The Oatmeal.

The final nail in the coffin? If you replied to their email you received a bounceback message. Where is the excellent customer service Netflix is known for?

Moral of the story? In today’s internet age, consumers expect clarity and can sniff out marketing double talk a mile away.

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