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Vasectomies and Dickie V, Baby!

February 28, 2012. Posted by johnf

Yup, you read the headline right.

A local sports talk station in Baltimore has been running an advertisement by a doctor’s office that specializes in vasectomies. The ad was influencing men to get their vasectomies in time to watch March Madness on television.

Talk about cross marketing!

Actually, we were impressed. Associating a not so fun operation with a pleasant experience (watching non-stop hoops with a built in excuse to counter the nagging wife/girlfriend) equals a big win.

So we did some Googling and found out that this isn’t a new phenomena, at least not out in Chicago.

Later, we heard someone claim that vasectomies went up during the Final Four and The Masters. No hard evidence was presented and we didn’t have time to verify, but in a warped way, it makes sense.

Now we’re off to go buy a bag of frozen peas.

Where did winter go?

February 24, 2012. Posted by johnf

We’re not huge fans of winter here at Frizzera Ink, but snow does have its good points: there’s the hanging out with neighbors and having a few beers, sledding with kids, watching the dog act like she’s possessed, and making our special beef jerky.

Unfortunately, Winter 2012 has been a let down.

We did some interesting research and got involved with jet streams and something called La Nina and lots of other really cool, but confusing, explanations. It’s amazing how it all fits together.

Hopefully, Old Man Winter has at least one good snowstorm in his freezer, maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment.

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